Davis to receive the Artes Torch Award from his alma mater Florida State University
December 6, 2016
10:23 am
Tallahassee, Florida
Florida State University
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Florida State University Faculty Senate honors three individuals with Torch Awards, an annual recognition of contributions to the university’s academic excellence.

Named for the three torches in the university’s seal, the three categories of Torch Awards are: Vires, symbolizing moral, physical and intellectual strength; Artes, symbolizing an appreciation of aesthetics and the beauty of intellectual pursuits; and Mores, symbolizing respect for customs, character and tradition.

The awards will be presented in Tallahassee on December 6 during a reception and dinner hosted by FSU President John Thrasher.

Faculty Senate President Susan Fiorito praised this year’s recipients for their commitment to the university.

“The FSU Faculty Senate was honored to present this year’s Torch Awards to three remarkable individuals who exemplify the ideals of strength, skill and character,” she said. “Each are dear to us in their own very special way and have a long, accomplished relationship with FSU. Through their tireless efforts, these dedicated individuals have made this university a better place for us all.”